Concrete mixer needed in daily life maintenance and monitoring, sophisticated machines require sophisticated maintenance to care for such standardization principle, we Zhengzhou Li Jie management of concrete mixers should implement five priority (routine maintenance and troubleshooting, maintenance). Specific requirements are as follows;     (1) establishing concrete mixer js500 twin shaft continuous concrete mixer ledger and technical documents, content must be complete, and a personal management.     (2) shall be clearly marked on the concrete mixer, can be added to the symbol number before A.     Operator (3) concrete mixer must be a rigorous selection, proper operation and maintenance of good playing relatively stable.     (4) a clear full-time maintenance staff, by one point check regularly the implementation of <Maintenance) content. Management. About Simple concrete mixing station   Do any of the business is take some of funds, the community is to barter money. Investment on concrete mixing station is great. Customers who are thinking about how to reduce the investment funds away to get the maximum benefit. Li Jie Xiao Bian today we introduce to you a new kind of concrete mixing station --- simple concrete mixing station.   What is Simple concrete mixing station, Simple, we will be able to think on is certainly easy to understand, it is composed of mixing station by a mixer, batching machine, cement silo, screw machine and other js1000 electric ready mix concrete mixer components from the font. This is a more complicated. Simple it is actually very simple, like a helicopter can fly a hot air balloon can fly. We Zhengzhou Li Jie in the concrete mixing plant on the basis of made a little adjustment, you can completely do not spend so much money to build a concrete mixing station. On the classification of concrete mixing station mixing console of    Concrete mixing stations are a variety of models, how to choose a good model of a good stirring station? Mixing station master how to choose, Li Jie Xiao Bian today we would like to provide you some questions about the concrete mixing stations hosts classification. Host concrete mixing station each model is not the same. For example, it is a type of concrete mixing station HZS25 station, using a JS500 compulsory mixer. And the host of concrete mixing station HZS35 station using JS750 and mixing station with host size is productivity is Correspondingly, today to introduce the mixing station there can be divided into single and dual-station station. superfine js750 twin-shaft concrete mixer As the name implies, the single station where each mixing station has a mixing console, dual-station has two mixing console, mixing console each corresponding to a discharge port, so dual-mixing station mixing station is a stand-alone production capacity of 2 times, two planes mixing station naming is 2HZS.